30 Days of New – Day 4

Canon Powershot SX50 HSFor my 4th day of my ’30 Days of New’ challenge I spent some time learning about the different features of my new camera (Canon PowerShot SX50). Technology can be really amazing and scary at the same time! I got this camera for Christmas and have used it quite a bit, but primarily just with the auto setting. It has taken some great pictures but I want to dive a little deeper than that. So my first attempt on a new feature is the movie digest.  Ok – this challenge attempt wasn’t pretty! I am accustom to using the camera for stills and that is kind of what I expected this to be (duh, me – the feature is called MOVIE digest!) I was wrong. It takes brief movie clips. But at least now I am aware that this feature exists and a whole bunch of other neat ones too. Maybe my next post about doing something new with my camera will be a success story.

My ’30 Days of New’ challenge forces me take the time to enjoy things and it encourages me to try things that I have put off for one reason or another. I have quite a list of things I want to learn, try, do and experience. Thanks for stopping in on this day of the journey. Today’s lesson is . . . there’s always tomorrow!

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