30 Days of New – Day 7

Day 7 of my ’30 Days of New’ challenge was great! After a very busy 4th of July, we decided to do something relaxing. We spent the day in the Monticello, IN area. This is only about 30 minutes from where I live. I usually end up at the Wal-mart or Kroger there. But on this day I was motivated to do new things for my challenge. We ate lunch at a restaurant called the Sand Bar. While I have been there before, I did try something new on the menu – chicken quesadillas. I would recommend the location and the food to others to try. You can sit outside right along the water’s edge and watch the boats go by. Be ready to wave at passerby’s, as they all eagerly greet you as they pass.

After our stop at the Sand Bar we headed over to Whyte Horse Winery. I am quite a fan of wine, so I’m really not sure why I never took the time to stop by this little gem in Northern Indiana. (Probably because I’m in a rush to get home with my groceries in the back of the car! But not today!) The setting is beautiful and the staff is so nice and knowledgeable. I walked out a wine club member and I definitely plan to be back. It is my understanding that they have live music on Friday evenings in the summer. That is now on my to-do list too!

If you live in Northwest Indiana, I would recommend an afternoon in the Monticello area. What other areas would you recommend exploring?

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