30 Days of New – Day 9

Breakfast BurritoWell, when I set out to do my ’30 Days of New’ challenge, I knew I would have to find some things that were a part of my regular routine that I could add some new elements to. Needless to say, my family is getting to try some new recipes thanks to this! For day 9 of my ’30 Days of New’ challenge, I made some breakfast burritos. And for once this recipe idea did not come from an online source! I have been trying to come up with new things that I can make ahead and my family can eat for breakfast throughout the week. I purchased a package of Jennie-O frozen breakfast turkey sausage links and found a recipe on the back. It looked good so I thought I would give it a try.

Now here’s the bad news . . . I didn’t get the chance to write down the recipe, the box from the sausage is gone, and I can’t find the recipe on the Jennie-O website. (But when I went looking for it I found a lot of other recipes I want to try!)  Here’s what I can remember: eggs, chili powder, turkey links, corn, sausage, cilantro and pepper jack sausage. I wrapped them up and put some in the fridge and some in the freezer. We haven’t tried the freezer ones yet. Sometimes when I freeze breakfast things they don’t turn out so great after being warmed up. I will update you when that happens. As for the ones in the fridge for breakfast this week – thumbs up!

If I come across the original recipe I will post. My sincere apologies for a blog post without it, but I had to keep to my ’30 Days of New’ reporting!

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