I am a digital marketer by day and a mother, wife, crafter, chef, decorator, flea market bound lady with a mission by night and weekend.  In most all aspects of my life I crave creative elements.  This blog will highlight my passion for learning, creativity and self-expression.

Looking at a project or an object in a new light can completely change your perspective on something.  When approaching things I like to think out-of-the box.

“Oh, the power of a change in perspective!  Look at things through the lens of your camera, then change the settings and what do you see?”

There are so many wonderful things in this world to do, see, try and experience.  Now that I’m getting a little bit older I am getting a lot wiser and have decided to make it my mission to explore this wonderful world that God has given us.  I don’t have to work on that project late into the night and the laundry can wait.  I’ve got some living to do!  I’m glad you’ve stopped by for part of this crazy ride!


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