30 Days of New – Day 3

Today’s ‘new’ focused on learning and self-development to aid in my knowledge of my career path – marketing. I am taking the time to learn the wonderful world of WordPress – hence the original intent of the creation of this blog. Self teaching is something I am a big advocate of and highly encourage others to do. The Internet makes this so easy anymore. So far I have just delved into the “Zero to Hero” guide that is provided by WordPress. This has served to be a good tool to get me going. My level of comfort navigating around the dashboard and creating posts and pages is pretty good. I have started my journey with a free WordPress.com account. We will see where I go from there, but I thought for learning purposes I wanted to start from the ground up. My own challenge of ’30 Days of New’ encourages me to explore and utilize this platform daily. After spending some time with the guide, I have a high-level understanding of themes, posts, pages, navigation and the many (basic) ways to customize these things. Adding media to your posts and pages is easy. I am fond of the gallery layout for photos. (More to come on photos soon as I explore my new camera!)

Now that I have completed the “Zero to Hero” guide I will move on to try to further my understanding of WordPress capabilities. Do you have any tips or suggestions?

Learning the blog side of the world.

Today I am throwing myself into the deep blue sea of blogging! While I have spent countless hours reading posts of others, I have never actually created one myself.  So far, so good.  I am actually in the midst of creating a post now – success one!  This learning experience stems from my career in the digital marketing world.  This will help me to better grasp the in’s and out’s the impact blogging can have. This is the start of a new journey that I hope will inspire me to rekindle some of my other life goals and share the results with you – on my new blog!  Wish me luck 🙂