30 Days of New – Day 8

Repainted HutchOn the 8th day of my ’30 Days of New’ challenge I began working on a new project. Upcycling is one of my favorite things to do. That’s just a process of taking something old and updating it or turning it into something new. I recently bought a hutch at an auction. It’s dark wood with dated hardware. I decided I wanted to paint it white. However, I did not want to have to completely sand it down in order to paint it. It has a lot of curves and some intricate details. So sanding it just seemed too time consuming. I knew since it was so dark and I want it white I would have to prime it anyway. In my online research and conversations with others who re-do furniture, Zinsser primer has come up many times. There’s even rumor it can be used on laminate furniture! So I decided to give it a try. On day 8 I started a new project and used a new product. I was only able to get the top of the hutch primed. No painting, as I wanted to let the primer fully dry – and my arms were getting tired! That’s as far as I made it for this day.

When I resume this project I will let you know how this primer worked out for me. Thanks for stopping by! And please let me know if you have any  tips or tricks (or questions) for painting furniture.