30 Days of New – Day 11

To continue the adventure of experiencing new things on my ’30 Days of New’ challenge I decided to again go somewhere I had not been before. We went to Ruhl’s Blueberry Patch in Star City, IN.  Now this is the heart of Midwest Living! We were very fortunate with the weather, as it was only mid seventies and no humidity. When we arrived the owner was riding around on a 4-wheeler. He kindly approached us, gave a warm welcome and then showed us the best bushes to pick. We picked blueberries for about an hour. Then we checked ourselves out on the honor system and weighed our blueberries and placed our payment in the container on the table. And then we headed home with lots of tasty blueberries to enjoy. I left wanting to plant my own blueberry bush (of course)!

Do you have any recipe ideas for my blueberry pickin’s?

30 Days of New – Day 2

Well, today I decided to do something new that focused solely on me.  I tried a new workout.  I am fortunate to have co-workers who share healthy lifestyle tips and workout videos.  I was able to borrow the first disc of the T25 workout series.  The first video about speed had me feeling pretty uncoordinated.  But I did it a few times and felt a bit better about myself, but still uncoordinated!  I got to the point that I could at least finish the workout without pausing.  The positive element of this video was that it went quickly.  So after realizing just how out of shape I am, there was a sense of nervousness to move on to the second video – the total body circuit.  Since I needed something new to do and needed to get some exercise. I decided my ’30 Days of New’ challenge was the perfect time to take this on.  Three words: cardio, push-ups and planks!  My side actually had a cramp at the end of the workout!  While I felt more coordinated during this video, I also felt like a weakling.  Push-ups aren’t my strong suit and there are quite a few of them – hard ones!  I was not able to get through this without pausing for a few moments here and there.  I do feel like this is an extremely good workout for only being 25 minutes.  I will give it a try again to see if I can master it a bit better, but I’m not sure I’ll get to the point that I can do all those push-ups!

Since health is important to me I plan to do and try a few more health related things during my ’30 Days of New.’  (I see some juices coming up.)  Do you have any recommendations for me?

30 Days of New

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how there just never seems to be enough time in the day.  In this fast-paced world, sometimes it’s hard to find time to really enjoy things.  I allow myself to be a victim of poor time management and I am pledging do something about that – starting today!  While I can’t change the number of hours in the day, I can change how I spend them.  There are a lot of things that I want to learn or try or experience.  So I am going to start doing just that!  I am challenging myself to do, try, experience or see something or some place new every day for the next 30 days – 30 Days of New.  I am not going to sugar coat it – this kind of intimidates me.  I already feel there isn’t enough time in the day and now I’m going to try to squeeze in something new?!?  What am I thinking?  Well, after giving this a lot of I have decided they don’t have to be major time expenditures and they can be family, home, work or self oriented.  It can be as simple as trying a new setting on my camera or a new recipe.  And since I want to learn more about blogging, I am going to use this as the foundation of this challenge.  I will share with you each day what was new and my thoughts on it.  Wish me luck!