30 Days of New – Day 10

On day 10 of my ’30 Days of New’ challenge we rode on the North Judson Bike Trail. This is another one where I don’t know why it took me so long to do it. It is a quaint 9 mile trail (one way). I am not coordinated enough to take photos while riding a bike, so I couldn’t use my camera to capture everything on this adventure. I can note we saw wild turkeys, deer, bunnies, blue birds and dragon flies (along with a lot of other insects). This bike trail has a bit more of a scenic view compared to the Winamac trail and it does not follow along the course of a highway. However, it is still mostly a straight shot. There are just a few curves in it. I do recommend locals to try it. However, we went after some recent storms and I must say that it is not (at that time) well maintained as the Winamac trail. We started at the end (on US Hwy 35) and rode toward North Judson. We went about 5 miles and decided to head back. You could start in North Judson and begin or end with a meal or beverage somewhere in the area. They do have a good bakery there!

If you know of any other bike trails in Northern Indiana, please let me know. I would enjoy exploring others!