30 Days of New – Day 11

To continue the adventure of experiencing new things on my ’30 Days of New’ challenge I decided to again go somewhere I had not been before. We went to Ruhl’s Blueberry Patch in Star City, IN.  Now this is the heart of Midwest Living! We were very fortunate with the weather, as it was only mid seventies and no humidity. When we arrived the owner was riding around on a 4-wheeler. He kindly approached us, gave a warm welcome and then showed us the best bushes to pick. We picked blueberries for about an hour. Then we checked ourselves out on the honor system and weighed our blueberries and placed our payment in the container on the table. And then we headed home with lots of tasty blueberries to enjoy. I left wanting to plant my own blueberry bush (of course)!

Do you have any recipe ideas for my blueberry pickin’s?