30 Days of New – Day 2

Well, today I decided to do something new that focused solely on me.  I tried a new workout.  I am fortunate to have co-workers who share healthy lifestyle tips and workout videos.  I was able to borrow the first disc of the T25 workout series.  The first video about speed had me feeling pretty uncoordinated.  But I did it a few times and felt a bit better about myself, but still uncoordinated!  I got to the point that I could at least finish the workout without pausing.  The positive element of this video was that it went quickly.  So after realizing just how out of shape I am, there was a sense of nervousness to move on to the second video – the total body circuit.  Since I needed something new to do and needed to get some exercise. I decided my ’30 Days of New’ challenge was the perfect time to take this on.  Three words: cardio, push-ups and planks!  My side actually had a cramp at the end of the workout!  While I felt more coordinated during this video, I also felt like a weakling.  Push-ups aren’t my strong suit and there are quite a few of them – hard ones!  I was not able to get through this without pausing for a few moments here and there.  I do feel like this is an extremely good workout for only being 25 minutes.  I will give it a try again to see if I can master it a bit better, but I’m not sure I’ll get to the point that I can do all those push-ups!

Since health is important to me I plan to do and try a few more health related things during my ’30 Days of New.’  (I see some juices coming up.)  Do you have any recommendations for me?